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BB - RushCraw U30 - 725 Green Pumpkin/Gold Red

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Brand: Bait Breath

This is one of the most essential silicone baits in the range of every jigging fisherman. It is effective throughout the whole year and is most suitable for perch, zander and pike. The bait has a compact body that is successfully combined with ordinary, double and offset hook. The massive claws swirl the water on every twitch of the rod. The thin tentacles move hesitantly at the pauses and make the impression that the bait is vulnerable.

Modern food grade baits are manufactured using sophisticated technologies, including incorporation of salt crystals in the very structure of the material in depth and deployment of flavors and aromas on molecular level. The aroma accompanies the bait through its whole life and manifests itself in long, intense and continuous delivery of flavor. In addition, substances and additives put into food grade baits are highly concentrated and are often subject to manufacturing secrecy and are not offered on the market on their own.
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946576 7.1 2.8 7 8.08

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