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Fishing line
K&K Ltd. is one of the leading fishing tackle companies in Bulgaria. It is a major importer, manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter on Bulgarian market. The history of K&K Ltd. begins in 1991, when Kiril Andreev and Konstantin Zlatanov met for the first time. Their common passion for fishing quite soon made them very good friends and at the end of 1992, still students, they founded K&K Ltd. Both of them are dipl. engineers - specialists in computers, but their love for fishing proved to be stronger. Sport or recreational fishing is fishing for pleasure or competition. The most common form of recreational fishing is done with a rod, reel, line, hooks and any one of a wide range of baits. Other devices, commonly referred to as terminal tackle, are also used to affect or compliment the presentation of the bait to the targeted fish. At you can find all you need for your hobby and spare time. Sport fishing describes recreational fishing where the primary reward is the challenge of finding and catching the fish rather than the culinary or financial value of the fish's flesh. The distinction is not completely rigid - in many cases, sport fishers will also eat their catch. For successful fishing people use fishing lines. Fishing line is any cord made for fishing. Important parameters of a fishing line are its length, material, and weight (thicker, sturdier lines are more visible to fish). Factors that may determine what line an angler chooses for a given fishing environment include breaking strength, knot strength, UV resistance, castability, limpness, stretch, abrasion resistance, and visibility.
Fishing line
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Fishing line
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    Telescopic with guides
    Match & Feeder
    Spinning Rods
    Carp rods
    Fly Fishing
    Rod & Reel Combos
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    Mediterraneo Inline
Mediterraneo Inline has a ceramic guide and the tip guide is ceramic, as well. The hande is from EVA and the rod goes with an inline threader - 2.00 m.

Code Length, m Casting weight, gr Transport Length, cm Weight, gr
936237 2.40 40 - 70 125 236
936238 2.70 30 - 60 140 247

    Carbo Specialist Boat
Spinning rod in 2 sections suitable for boat fishing. Highly visible solid tip - strong and at the same time very sensitive. Reinforced with X-carbon wrapping. EVA handle.

Code Length, m Casting weight, gr Transport Length, m Weight, gr
927237 1.60 80g 0.86 173
925930 1.80 80g 0.96 194
925931 2.10 80g 1.10 250

    Filstar PowerFlex Boat
Heavy duty boat rod in 1 section with sensitive tip. Removable ergonomic double EVA handle. SIC guides.

Code Length, m Casting weight, gr Transport Length, cm Weight, gr
927240 1.80 100 120 230
935703 1.80 150 120 225
935704 2.10 100 153 295
935705 2.10 150 153 297

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